The THRIVE model  is a collection of strategies developed and designed by the women of THRIVE to help families embrace every opportunity. 


T - Teachable Moments  Taking advantage of natural opportunities to learn through life situations, placing the responsibility of actions on each person through choice making applications in SOCIAL SKILLS.

H - Honoring Each Other's Needs   Indentifying and implementing SENSORY needs, alone time and parent time.  Organizing specific plans to prioritize meeting the sensory need of the child and emotional/relational needs of the family.

R - Respectful Communication   Recognizing and adjusting the family style of COMMUNICATION that includes affirmations and encouragements.

-  Investing in Togetherness  Establishing a FAMILY TIME with a purpose that includes at least one weekly family dinner at which time the affirmations and encouragements of the week are remembered and acknowledged.

V - Value Uniqueness  Following GOD'S PLAN for your family by accepting and surrendering the path that your family is on together.  Showing love with boundaries that are modeled in family relationships and from our heavenly Father and His precious son, Jesus.

E - Embrace Attachment  Gentle reminders and support in building the critical bond between parent and child.  A slow, intentional, PHYSICAL BONDING that reflects love and feelings of devotion.